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Doctor By Day, Musician By Night, Miles Shaw Prescribes Musical Comedy To Educate, Entertain 

Long Beach, CA – As the medical director of a busy emergency department in Los Angeles County, Miles Shaw is a long-time ER doctor who has seen it all. Before he donned his stethoscope, he was a musician, and his love of music never left him.

Now, Miles has the best of both worlds at the hospital and writing and performing musical comedy “on the side.” 

Born and raised in Miami, Miles was a regular on the Florida music scene taking part in musical theater, performing in clubs, and doing studio work and commercial jingles. After obtaining his medical degree, life led him to California. 

“When you work in the ER, it’s good to have a sense of humor. I’m not good enough of a singer to do the real stuff, so I do comedy,” Miles quipped. 

After performing in a medical musical comedy group targeted for health professionals at medical conventions, Miles decided to go “mainstream” and write material for a wider audience. Now he is on a mission to record important “messages” of public concern in his music, in an entertaining manner. 

Miles’ songs are original, unlike musical parody artists like Weird Al Yankovic. He does not just take popular songs, create a parody, and call it his song. He writes the music and lyrics. Additionally, Miles does not focus on a particular genre for his music. His style varies for each song, but his talent never wanes. 

Collecting more than 110,000 views on YouTube so far, “Don’t Drive Drunk” is a country, R&B, rock, and gospel blend of humor that goes full circle from the consequences of being impaired to being the victim of a drunk driver. 

“I see every day in the ER the consequences of drunk driving. And unfortunately, everyone probably has had an experience with drunk driving,” he said. “So instead of just saying, ‘Don’t drive drunk,’ I put in the song all the different things that can happen instead of just preaching not to drive drunk.” 

While drunk driving is not a laughing matter, Miles has a unique ability to humorously demonstrate the trials and tribulations of impaired driving. Surrounded by a wide range of characters, including police, a judge, a lawyer, doctors, nurses, and even angels, the video accurately depicts the consequences of driving illegally. Throughout the video, Miles’ facial expressions and clever lyrics leave you smiling and laughing while reminding you never to drive drunk. 

Taking on a less serious topic, Miles sets his witty wordplay to attorneys in the single, “I’m a Lawyer.” The track has a hard rock vibe, complete with a grunge/metal band surrounding him as he sings about all the shady things attorneys do, all in the name of winning a case. 

From suing people, going for the deep pockets, dragging cases on, defending the guilty, etc., Miles humorously plays the confident lawyer in the video. It becomes readily apparent in the video that the clean cut lawyer, in suit and tie, is right at home with the mean-looking tattooed grunge/metal band members surrounding him, and, in fact, the lawyer is clearly the baddest dude of the bunch. 

Ensuring that his music is authentic and void of autotune, Miles goes old-school and gives musicians a solo in each track, such as the smoking guitar solo in “I’m a Lawyer.” Using “real” musicians, his songs may be comical, but there is nothing funny about the talent and quality of his band. 

Seeking his niche in the industry, Miles said, “There’s a ton of great music and talent out there, but I’m trying to fill a little void with something that is not being done. Merging music with comedy and humor is entertaining.” 

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